Most Number of World Records Held by this Man

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Born in 1954, the same year the first Guinness Book of World Records was published, Ashrita Furman was born.

As a child, he always anticipated to be part of the annual record book. However, his lack of athleticism discouraged him from accomplishing something “worthy of a record”.


Despite not having proper training, he joined a 24-hour bicycle race in Central Park in 1978. Surprisingly, he ended up in third place. His unexpected victory ignited something deep inside him.





The following year, he was able to set his first official record for which he did more than 27,000 jumping jacks. But, that was only the start.

As of 2014, he has set a total of 551 world records. He currently holds almost 200 Guinness World Records.

Among the world records he currently holds are longest continuous distance in somersaulting, longest continuous distance traveled while balancing a milk bottle on the head, longest time for an underwater hula hooping, largest hula hoop spinning, and highest peak climbed using stilts.



Watch some of his videos below:



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