Mother Teaches Her Daughter A Lesson on Cyber Bullying That She Will Never Forget

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13-year old Hailey is just like any other teenager, one who gets herself in some mischief from time to time. So when her mother caught her cyber bullying online, she did what any parent would do – reprimand them for the wrong behavior. But this parent seemed to go overboard with her punishment. To teach Hailey a lesson, she  posted a picture of her on social media with a sign stating what she did. The sign also advertised Hailey’s iPod, proceeds of which will go to an anti-bullying charity.

With the increased popularity of social media, public shaming has been rampant. And with this photo going around in social media, Hailey’s mother was both praised and criticized. Some agree with her disciplinary measure. They believe that by being cyber bullied herself, she will come to think twice before treating others badly. Others feel that the punishment was too much. By posting her daughter’s photo on social media, she has set a bad example for her daughter.

Young Hailey was forced to write an apology, sell her iPod and donate the money to charity after her mom caught her cyberbullying.

Public shaming isn’t an effective way to punish children as it defeats the purpose of parenting. It openly invites other people to give their opinions, some of which are destructive rather than supportive. A parent’s intentions may be noble, but that doesn’t save him or her from public humiliation.

The hand-written sign that reads that the ‘cyber bullying daughter’ has made ‘poor choices with social media’ gives Hailey an impression that she deserves making a public confession and selling her iPod.

Hailey’s mother, Cara Schneider then posted the photo on Facebook, which was seen by a user and shared on Reddit. Soon, she was the subject of public criticism. She herself has become a bully.

But the mother herself has expressed no regret for what she has done. She simply wanted her daughter to learn a lesson on treating others well. And she hopes that it will be a lesson she will never forget.

Cara Schneider defends her actions, saying she is just trying to get through to her daughter.

The much-publicized photo was just among the many methods she has imposed to her daughter. In the past, Hailey has experienced grounding and manual labor.

Also, she never meant to have the photograph go viral as she only posted it on a local yard sale’s Facebook page where the iPod could be sold. She had shared it on Facebook before another posted it to Reddit without her knowledge.

Cara Schneider defends her actions, saying she is just trying to get through to her daughter.
While many have criticized her for the way she punished her daughter, there were some social media users who showed support to her parenting choices.
‘This makes me happy,’ one commenter wrote. ‘Because so often people only get caught after it’s far too late to help the victims. Brava, mom, Brava.’

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