Mysterious Substance Covers the Streets of Japan in the Wake of Twin Earthquakes


As you probably know, Fukuoka City in Japan was devastated by a series of twin earthquakes last April 16, 2016. The Japanese were still trying to recover from the damages when they were met with another kind of event.

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The streets of Fukuoka is filled with a mysterious foamy substance

Japan has recently suffered twin earthquakes, and according to reports, the death toll is at 41 people, with over 1,500 injured civilians. In total, the quake left 200,000 homes with no electricity and 410,000 homes without water.

Bewildered residents say that the foam could be the result of a broken underground water piping system

Ever since photos of the unexplained substance were uploaded on the Internet, there have been a lot of speculations about what it really is. Some hypothesized that it came from underground water pipes that exploded due to the intense quake.

But officials still have no explanation or confirmation about what the substance truly is. Japan is currently putting aside the unexplained event and it’s all for good reason. Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, said, “Nothing is more important than human life and it’s a race against time. Daytime today is the big test. I want rescue activities to continue with the utmost effort.”

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