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The Mystery of The Little People’s Village in Connecticut


The Little People’s Village is a complex of odd structures that have succumbed to the often-unforgiving forces of nature. It lies deep in the woods of Middlebury, Connecticut, and has earned the title of being one of the most mysterious places on earth.

Truth be told, mankind’s fascination with the supernatural can sometimes shroud the truth behind most structures, and the mystery behind the Little People’s Village is no different. So is this place a true paranormal playground or simply a victim of an exaggerated tale that has been taken way out of proportion? Read on and you decide.

Little People’s Village: Proof of Paranormal or Old Wives’ Tale?

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Small House, Little People's Village

The “Story” Behind Connecticut’s Little People’s Village

Connecticut is no stranger to bizarre locations. The New England state is where you can find the Warren Occult Museum, home of the cursed Annabelle Doll, as well as the Jewett City Vampire Graves. Yes, it couldn’t get any stranger than that.

So with that in mind, a village supposedly cursed by little people isn’t exactly bizarre—at least not by Connecticut standards. There have been many versions of the story behind the area, and the most widely spread one involves a Middlebury couple who had a knack for pleasing supernatural forces.

The couple resided peacefully in the countryside, until the woman, who in some versions of the story is said to be a witch, began seeing fairies in the woods. The mythical creatures claimed that the couple were living in their land and demanded compensation. To avoid any conflict with his wife and her “visions,” the man built a tiny village. As the years went on, the woman’s demands grew and grew until the man was driven to insanity. The only thing left from the harrowing tale is this tiny village in the middle of the woods.

Another version of the story involves a lone man living in a stone house by the forest. Like the tale before this, he was commanded by the voices inside his head to build a village. The story does not end well for the man. He eventually went insane and committed suicide.

People were quick to note that the characters of the tale were not meddling with fairies at all. Instead, they were making deals with demonic creatures, which later possessed their bodies.

Little People’s Village: A Site Surrounded by Negative Energy

Due to the sinister nature of the stories surrounding Little People’s Village, many people have come to believe that the grounds are brimming with negative energy. Others have warned that staying in the area for too long will make you an easy prey for the little people, and just like the people in the story, you just might lose your mind.

The village also has a throne that was allegedly carved by the unlucky man. It is said to be cursed and will bring seven years of bad luck upon those who decide to sit on it.

Cursed Throne

A Business Venture Gone Bankrupt

As stated in the beginning, many folks don’t bother looking for historically accurate facts as the lure of the supernatural can sometimes be more interesting.

The Little People’s Village in Middlebury, Connecticut, was not a work of a man tormented by evil spirits. Instead, it was built by entrepreneurs looking to make money from a roadside attraction.

That’s right, the Little People’s Village was originally called The Fairy Village. It was structured alongside a trolley line and was a part of the nearby Lake Quassy Amusement Park back in the twentieth century. The “throne,” which everyone believes is cursed, is merely a part of an ornamental garden that has decayed over time. As soon as the trolley line ceased operation, business went sour and The Fairy Village was closed for good.

There is no way to trace how this innocent piece of land turned into the urban legend that it is today. But like many abandoned places, the fabricated tales were most likely made up by a generation of people who didn’t bother to look into the area’s history.

Doll-Sized Houses

Damned Connecticut Visits Little People’s Village

Back in 2009, Web site Damned Connecticut visited the Little People’s Village. The author was quick to note that it was nothing but a “big disappointment.” The photos show that the structures have decayed over time and several works of vandalism can be seen.

Located in the heart of the village is a tiny stone house, which is thought to have been the attraction’s main souvenir shop. It appears to have been swallowed by the woods as several twigs and rock structures can be seen all over it.

Haunted Place

Interestingly enough, none of the investigators from Damned Connecticut sat on the throne. They did, however, stand on top of it. No reported death, injury, or any misfortune fell upon the investigators as their Web site continues to be running until today.

In conclusion, the only thing “sad” about this Little People’s Village is the neglect the area has experienced over the years. The dilapidated grounds to the crumbling structures paint a tragic picture of economic downfall.

Getting There

Even after hearing the truth behind the mysterious Little People’s Village, a lot of people still packed their bags and headed straight to the woods in search of a few tiny structures. Damned Connecticut explained in detail the most convenient way to get there, stating,

On Route 63 in Middlebury, just north of the junction with I-84 is Maggie McFly’s restaurant. Continuing north on Route 63, on the other side of the road from the restaurant (just a little bit further up the road, maybe a tenth of a mile), there is a short access road with two homes on it on the right. (On Google maps, it shows up as Umberfield Road.) You can simply enter here by going around the barricade at the end of the street and walking down the access road. After a short stroll (not much more than a quarter mile), after you pass under the power lines, you will see what remains of Little People Village in the woods on your left. No No Trespassing signs, no barking dogs, no crawling through pricker bushes.

The Fairy Village

A little word of caution for all aspiring explorers: make sure that you come prepared. The area is not exactly safe as many of the structures are unsteady, so it is best to enter the area with an expert guide.


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