Nissan’s Self-Parking Chairs Can Wheel Themselves Back to Their Proper Places

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This latest invention is a godsend for the überorganized, especially someone who has to look over corporate meetings and conferences.

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In an office of hundreds of employees, seeing chairs scattered all over can be an eyesore, but the sad truth is that very few people think to push chairs back to their proper places after being used. As if these chairs could just wheel themselves back to their original positions.

But then there’s Nissan, a car company that embodies the Japanese people’s propensity to neatness, and it just so happens that yes, they made chairs that could just wheel themselves back to their proper positions with a clap.




Watching the company’s teaser video makes it look creepy, but in actual use, it does save a lot of time cleaning up for the next department to use the conference room.


The invention is amazing; however, this crazy concept chairs are not available commercially. Actually, in no way can they be bought because the company just uses the chairs as part of their promotion for their intelligent parking assist technology. And we hate to break it to you, but we’re still talking about cars here, not mobile office chairs.

The self-arranging chairs would have been a good investment for your corporate company, wouldn’t it?

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