People in Swimsuits Dive into 2 ft of Snow Left by Heavy Storm in Bizarre New Trend


Dubbed as “historical,” snow storm Jonas left the entirety of the East Coast covered in snow. While people are busy cleaning up the streets, some decided to take advantage of the damage brought by disaster by swimming on the pile of snow.

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Thousands of Americans braved the cold weather and wore nothing but swimwear and, with a pair of goggles on, dove into the more than 2 feet of snow.


Videos of these adventure seekers surfaced online. One of them was of two women swimming into the snow in Hagerstown, Maryland. They looked like they disappeared into the white pile completely but managed to make their way up after a few seconds.



Another pair from the West Virginia University tried the activity too, which is now popularly called snow diving.


But looks like it’s not really a new trend. A Twitter user, who goes by the username @Grace_Cox25, claims that she and her friend already tried it two years ago, presenting a 15-second clip of them snow diving as evidence.

Watch the video below

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