These Pink Burger Buns from KFC in China are Actually Real …You Have to See This

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Prepare to see a colorful addition to a regular fast food chain burger. Look what KFC decided to do to their burger buns.

The Nanfang reports that KFC China has come up with pink burger buns to go with their rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger.

This bright pink addition looks a little nauseating. By comparison, the black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger looks so much more appetizing.

In many Asian countries, playful food is trendy and common. For Westerners, it’s considered odd.

KFC's Pink Burgers Don't Look Tasty 

The rumor is that the new color scheme of the burger buns are based on a popular Japanese anime television show that has a pink and black theme.

“One media outlet is speculating that KFC is shrewdly borrowing some of the spotlight of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Japanese anime that is popularly received in China,” writes The Nanfang.

The burgers are available to buy now if you’d like to give it a go.

Learn more about colored burger buns here: Black Burgers Sold at Japan’s Burger King Restaurant



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