16 Places in the World You Are Not Allowed to Set Foot In

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Not every place in this world is open for tourists or visitors to check out. Sometimes, they are protected by certain sectors, religion, or even by the law itself. This is a roundup of those restricted areas and an overview about them.

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Vatican Secret Archive

The Vatican Secret Archives are files owned and protected by the current Pope. He then transfers ownership after resignation or death. Do not, however, let the name fool you, the word “secret” was used not to emphasize confidentiality but merely privacy. Those who wish to read a book here may get a copy through e-mail.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre secluded red wood grove located in Monte Rio, California. What makes it so special is that only a selected few are invited. The roster aren’t just ordinary people as they are presidents and other elitists from around the world. There have been accusations of occult practices that involve burning children alive and sacrificing them to an owl deity.

Pine Gap – Australia

Many know about Area 51, a less familiar spot in Pine Gap, which is located in central Australia. Apparently, the place is a no-fly zone but has not disclosed what they are keeping there. According to reports, this is utilized by the CIA.

Room 39 North Korea

North Korea has long withheld its connection to the outside world, so it is hard to imagine anything that’s going on within its gray premises. One of the biggest secrets that this country holds is Room 39 (or Office/ Bureau 39) located in the Workers Part building in Pyongyang. It is a secret organization that seeks to maintain currency for the country’s current leader. It often involves illegal transactions such as money laundering, producing controlled substances like opium, and unlawful weapon trade.

Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club

The Disney 33 Club got its name for its location. Of all the places, it’s found in the New Orleans section in Disneyland, specifically at the intersection of Royal Street and Orleans Street in New Orleans Square opposite the La Mascarade d’Orleans shop. It was previously located next to the Blue Bayou but was transferred, following a major remodeling last 2014.  This is actually the only place in Disneyland that serves alcoholic beverages and only accommodates the elite.

Google Data Center

Google’s top secret data center is like the brain of this digital age. It contains millions and millions of data from all over the world and is heavily guarded with top-notch security systems.

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