World’s Most Powerful People with the Weirdest Food Habits


VIPs like kings, queens, CEOs, Oligarchs, and heads of states are usually in their best behavior when out in public. But no matter how composed they are, it’s really hard to conceal some weird eating habits. They just can’t control their quirkiness. Or maybe they’re just . . . that.

For example, Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev reportedly wants his plates always washed with vodka before he uses it. One particular incident was witnessed by a few when he visited an Italian eatery on Broadway, New York.

Check out some of the world’s VIPs’ freakishness on food.

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Ronald Reagan (President of the United States)


Reagan was obsessed with jelly beans. The Oval Office and Air Force One never ran out of supplies of jelly beans when Reagan was president. During his inauguration in 1981, White House served bowls of red, white, and blue beans to the guests.

Lyndon Johnson (President of the United States)


While some are addicted to coffee, LBJ, the 36th President of the USA, was hooked to Fresca, a grapefruit-flavored juice. He even had two buttons set up in the Oval Office—they were labelled “coffee” and “Fresca”.

Nicolae Ceausescu (President of Romania)


Not sure if this can be considered an eccentricity, or he’s just really paranoid. Because Romania’s leader never ate an untested food. Safe to say he’s afraid to die of poisoning. Whenever he traveled, he brought with him his personal chemist with a portable laboratory to test each meal given to him. And if he was at home, you thought he would relax but he was equally fussy. His meal at home would be carried to his room in a trolley, sealed with a lock with a combination that was regularly changed.

Kim Jong-il (Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)


North Korea‘s former supreme leader used to send his personal chef on expeditions to find top delicacies from other countries, from Iranian caviar to Philippine mangoes. It was also revealed that he loved raw fish so much that sashimi was made in his table with the fish still thrashing. Aside from that, he also had this obsession with perfection that he hired a group of women to examine each grain of rice to make sure all have the same shapes, size, and color before it was placed on his plate.

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