This Woman Has Been Pregnant For 60 Years …This is so Bizarre



Estela Meléndez was diagnosed with a tumor in her stomach. But, it turned out to be something that is a lot less troublesome.

The 91-year-old, who is a resident of the small Chilean town of La Boca, found a small lump on her belly for years, but didn’t have the courage to get it checked up. After suffering a fall, medical professionals examined Meléndez. When the X-ray came out, it seemed to show a tumor. After a second X-ray, the lump was identified as a calcified fetus that had developed in her uterus and has been sitting there for six decades.

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“Can you imagine? More than 60 years!” said the woman’s nephew, Luis Meléndez. “I wonder how she never felt bad once the fetus died inside of her.”

A surgery was considered to get the fetus out of Meléndez, but it seems that the operation is riskier to conduct for the 91-year-old woman.

Meléndez and her husband of 74 years, who died at the age of 91, have always wanted to have children. But, they were unable to conceive one.


Meléndez says that the discovery of the fetus is a cherished reminder of the baby the couple always dreamed of having.


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