Preserved Saint in Mexico Was Caught on Cam Opening Her Eyes! This Will Give You Creeps !

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It’s not every day that you get to see a dead person open its eyes. (Of course, who wants it to happen daily, right?) It could even get creepier when that person has been dead not just for a few years but for decades.

People in Mexico were left in shock and puzzled when one of their saints, whose body has been preserved, suddenly opened its eyes—and the strange event was caught on camera.

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The saint’s name is Santa Innocencia, and the Mexicans say she was a real person and was just preserved by the residents after her death. The body of Santa Innocencia or St. Innocent rests in the Guadalajara Cathedral, along with several other former bishops of the diocese and three cardinals.


A visitor of the cathedral was the one filming the preserved body when its eyes suddenly opened. No one can provide a logical explain as to how it happened, and as the video is circulating online, it has been giving people all sorts of nightmares and goosebumps!

The video of the Saint “waking up” has been viewed for more than 1.5 million times and has been making waves online after it was shared on various social networking sites.

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