30 Products That Are Just Plain Weird


If you’re fond of collecting unusual pieces, check out these 30 strangest products for yourself or even as gifts to your friends.

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Stormtrooper Night Light and Flashlight

Help your younglings become an independent padowan at night by giving him this stormtrooper night light and flashlight.

Hair-Growing Helmet

Get rid of that Rogaine bottle because science has discovered a new effective technique—a laser to regrow your hair and stop baldness!

R2-D2 Trash Can

While his master is resting, proud hero R2-D2 shifted his career as a sophisticated-looking waste technician.

Power Rangers Dresses

Captivate the ’90s geeks at the Halloween party by wearing these Power Ranger dresses.

Modern-Style Ashtray

This stylish ash tray is a great accessory addition to any modern homes.

Face-Down Lounger

With this portable Ergo Lounger, you can lie comfortably face down everywhere.

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