30 Products That Are Just Plain Weird


Wooden Macbook Decal

This wood vinyl MacBook decal will provide a cool and natural look to your MacBook.

Nine-Millimeter Bullet Ear Buds

This is the only pair of nine-millimeter bullets that you would want in your head, particularly in your ears as ear buds.

Drumstick Chopsticks

You can rock your noodles these cool Drumstick Chopsticks.

Money Toilet Paper Roll

If you want to save on toilet tissue, use this money toilet paper rolls. I mean, if before you consume half roll for just one session, with this, just imagine flushing a roll of money down the drain.

Toilet Mini Golf

This toilet mini golf game is a perfect gift for your golf enthusiast friend. Included inside are a putting green, two balls, and a mini putter. You now have a very good reason to stay longer in the room.

Homer Simpson Skateboard

This striking skateboard comes with wheels and trucks.

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