30 Products That Are Just Plain Weird


Yamaha Silent Guitar

Learning to play guitar? Practice using this Yamaha silent guitar so you won’t disturb others who just want peace.

Animal Footprint Sandals

Kids who love animals would like to have a pair of these slippers, they will enjoy the animal footprint they will leave behind, though fugitives might wanna have one also to evade the police.

Modern Flip-Down Clock

Watch this beautiful modern flip-down clock flick away the time.

Cat Pirate Costume

It’s not a puss in boots costume, but you’ll have a good time—if not your cat—seeing your good feline friend in this cat pirate costume.

America Sunglasses

Show your patriotism for America with this unique map of USA–shaped sunglasses.

Illuminated iPhone Case

Not enough lighting? Take the perfect selfie with your phone using this illuminated iPhone case that provides flattering lighting conditions.

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