This Bizarre WATERFALL Restaurant in the Philippines Allows Visitors to Eat ON the Water

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Have you ever heard of a restaurant that doesn’t just wet your appetite? If not, then go ahead and visit the Philippines because this country gives home to a restaurant that doesn’t just wet your appetite but also soaks your body from head to toe.

You can find this amazing restaurant in the Villa Escudero resort. The Waterfalls Restaurant provides a watery thrill to the guests as its bamboo tables are right beside a man-made cascade called Labasin Falls.

In Villa Escudero, diners have a wet-and-wild encounter at the Waterfalls Restaurant.

The restaurant literally serves their guest with plenty of water and a buffet of curries and meats.

After their meal, those who would like to have an extra relaxing and refreshing time can hop into the water. The falls are run-off from a nearby dam situated on a former plantation for coconuts in San Pablo City.

The restaurant offers a buffet of curries and meats, accompanied by a giant cascading water for refreshment.

The waterfall serves as an extra ingredient for the diners’ experience.

Guests take a refreshing dip into the water in Villa Escudero’s Waterfalls Restaurant after their lunch.

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