This Restaurant Lets You Eat Live Octopus …Are You Brave Enough for It?


Because of curiosity, one person decided to try the eccentric Korean restaurant that serves live and exotic seafood—Crazy Fish. Although she already knew about the wriggly octopus tentacles in store for her, she wasn’t really prepared for what was to come.

On the day of her visit, Anne Kim Sung Yun, the owner of the establishment, assisted the curious lady. As she fished the octopus from the tank, it just glided down her hand and used its tentacles to tightly hold onto her palm.

“I’m not holding it. It’s strong,” Kim said. She also explained that live octopus is considered “energy food” and a “macho cuisine” because of its fighting spirit and energy.



At first, the head was chopped. Then the tentacles were cut into pieces. But even if all the parts were severed from the main body, it was evident that they were still wriggling around. They even had enough suction power to hold onto the bowl. Because of its swiftness, the woman started to reckon. She had a distinct feeling that they were trying to escape.

Kim immediately broke the moment of fascination, demonstrating the proper way to eat it. She first dipped the octopus in sesame oil and sprinkled some salt.

By that time, she was somehow hesitant. Considering the look on her face, Kim encouraged the lady to continue eating. “A two-year-old ate and enjoyed it,” said Kim.

Because she didn’t want to lose to a little kid, she prepared herself for the ultimate challenge. She picked an octopus part and put it in her mouth. Surprisingly, she did not have any feeling of disgust. Probably, it was because of the aromatic sesame oil that enhanced the taste of the slimy critter.

She wasn’t the only one who ate the octopus. Her photographer also gave it a try. For him, it was really good. He even gave it the thumbs up. “Guuuuudddddd,” he exclaimed.



While eating, Kim continued giving out facts about the octopus. She said that live octopus ranks as the third-most gross food in the world. Nevertheless, lots of thrill-seekers and foodies enjoy it. She went on and shared that it is also the best-selling dish of her restaurant.

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Kim also shared about another restaurant that sold baby octopus—One Bite Octopus. “Two chopsticks are inserted under the baby octopus head, and its tentacles wound around the chopsticks. Then you gulp it whole, and chew the slimy thing,” she said. Fortunately, it already ran out of baby octopuses.

Later on, Kim began picking out several marine spoon worms, which are also called gaebul, from the fish tank. She held one and squeezed it. But then, it urinated.

Though the lady had already tried eating this worm served in sashimi style before, she admitted she had never seen it alive ever.

When served on the plate, the sea worm looked like pig’s intestines, only that it has a reddish inner lining. If you wish to eat it raw, you can dip it into a variety of sauces such as Korean chili sauce; sesame oil and salt; or spicy sauce made of bean paste, onion, garlic, and Korean chili paste.

After trying the chewy worm, she ate raw flounder and halibut. Both fishes had firm and smooth fleshes as well as fresh sea taste. But then again, the flounder was a bit more tender than the halibut. Because of that, it had a more chewy texture.

Like any other mouth-watering dishes served in Crazy Fish, Kim also demonstrated how to eat the flounder and halibut. First, she took a piece of sesame leaf. Next, she placed the fish, green chili slivers, and garlic on it. She then topped it with wasabi. Finally, she wrapped it up like a tiny parcel and put it in her mouth.

As you chew it, expect a combination of flavors exploding in your mouth. But among all, the strong minty taste of the leaf will surely give you that wow factor.

If you’re thinking about throwing away the leftovers such as the intestines, bones, roe, and head, forget it. You can still use them to make a soup.



There were plenty other exotic dishes served to the thrill-seeking foodie. The raw sea squirt, which appears like a squid, was among them. It has a leathery outer skin, which is inedible, but has soft and jelly-like insides.

Apart from that, there was an assorted steamed seafood platter that included a variety of sea snails, oysters, big clams, mussels, scallops, blood cockles, and squid. There was also Flower Crab Soup with shrimp, chili powder, spicy miso, and dropwort.

If you think it all ends there, there was still enough room for a large pan of broiled frogfish or the goose fish. Kim described, “It’s an ugly fish with a big mouth.”

At the end of the day, Kim explained where the catchy name of the restaurant came from. She said that Albert Kim, her husband, was crazy about seafood and fish. For that reason, the restaurant Crazy Fish was established.

Crazy Fish operates on Thursday evening through Saturdays because the live seafood stock arrives every Thursday. It also has regular and seasonal menus, but for lunch, it serves a variety of soups and noodles.

As of the moment, the restaurant is running an anniversary promotion called Let’s Go Crazy. Diners can enjoy crazy photo moments on the official Facebook page of the restaurant and enjoy special discounts, except on beverages.




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