This Rude Waitress Insults Her Customers …but the Reason Why is Going Viral

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There is a certain restaurant in the country, where waiters neither need to sing nor pretend they are in some kind of a movie just to attract patrons. Instead, they insult the customers who are eating their favorite meals.

Amidst all the crazy trips of the staff and crew of Ed Debevic’s restaurant, one waitress is making headlines now. She has been caught on camera insulting customers off a large table. And, just as you think they would blow off their tops with anger, you’d see that they actually love her and what she’s doing.

According to Time, the waitress goes by the name “Cherry”, which is evident on her name tag. If she was too nice to customers who tried to order, she would apparently get fired from the restaurant. So, she would never let an opportunity pass her by.

In the footage, she tried to harass an adult trying to order a meal from the children’s menu. While rolling her eyes at the patron, she said, “You’re like 35, and you’re ordering off the kids’ menu?”.


Since the video was shared on social media, it has been viewed more than two million times. And from then on, Cherry’s section became very popular. She’s probably hoping to get a promotion for all that she has done for the restaurant.


Watch Cherry’s viral video as the rude waitress here:


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