Say Hello to Miracle Milly: The World’s Smallest Dog

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In terms of height, this brown Chihuahua from Puerto Rico, named Miracle Milly, is considered the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s smallest dog.

At only 3.8 inches (9.65 centimeters) in height when measured from the backbone to paw, Miracle MIlly stands shorter than a soup can.

She is nearly two years old and only weighs about a pound (half a kilogram). This adorable little dog also knows how to pose for the camera. All she would do is to stick out her tiny tongue when somebody takes her picture.

Miracle Milly has snatched the world record from its previous holder — a long-haired Chihuahua from Kentucky named Boo Boo, who only stands at 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) tall.

During her birth, Miracle Milly was so little that she could fit in a teaspoon, and she only weighs less than an ounce. Her mouth was too small to nurse from her mother so her owner weaned her with milk every two hours using an eyedropper.

She is a playful and cheerful little pup. When outdoors, Miracle Milly plays with plants and birds, while she would cuddle with a yellow Chihuahua plush toy that is twice his size, when playing inside.








This is an image from the new Guinness World Records 2014 book, out today. For more details, extraordinary records, and accompanying hi-res photography and video please contact: Damian Field:   0207 891 4518 /



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