These are Seriously Dangerous Bridges Located Around The World …Would You Dare Cross Them


There are people who are afraid of crossing bridges no matter how securely built they are. The fear is called gephyrobia. If you believe in good faith that you are not one of these people, you might become a part of their family after seeing these bridges.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

The picture above says it all. This bridge is known to be one of the world’s most dangerous bridges, and we dare not argue. The Hussaini Hanging Bridge is the only way for locals to travel to larger cities. With missing slats and subject to strong winds, the bridge certainly lives up to its tag as one of the dangerous bridges in the world.

The bridge is quite a popular destination for thrill-seekers. Locals find it amusing to see adventurous travelers testing their courage by crossing the bridge.

Musou Tsuribashi, Japan

Musou Tsuribashi bridge is Japan’s oldest bridge. It’s very dangerous because it is held by wires alone, and there are many missing steps. What’s more frightening is that the bridge is in the middle of nowhere. There’s a good chance that you fall down by missing the narrow boards. And when you do miss and won’t make it to the other side, no one would hear you scream for help.


Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

This bridge is quite strongly built and very secure. What makes the Royal Gorge Bridge hazardous is its height. The highest suspension bridge in the US stands 90 stories above the Arkansas River. That height is equal to three times of the height of the Statue of Liberty. If you are afraid of heights, it is advised that you do not cross this bridge. Another factor that makes the bridge dangerous is the constant threat of wildfires damaging it.

Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica

At first look, this bridge seems okay and just old. Maybe that’s because you haven’t heard the bridge creak or felt it shake or even seen some of the slants get fall down while crossing it. This bridge is scary enough to be a walkway, what more when trucks pass through. This bridge is one-way, and if something went wrong while you’re in the middle of it, you won’t be able to turn around. There’s a reason Costa Ricans call this bridge the “Bridge of Death.”

Luckily, after many reports about accidents and due to the danger the bridge continued to pose to the residents, it had been already replaced.



Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

The Trift Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps. The bridge is 170 meters in length.

The pedestrian bridge has a height of 100 meters, making it sway when strong winds blow. The bridge can sway for more than 20 feet, so if you are crossing the bridge when a strong wind blows, you better hold on tight to the ropes to avoid being thrown off to your death.

Monkey Bridges, Vietnam

In Vietnam, villagers use monkey bridges to cross streams, rivers, and sometimes cliffs. The bridges are quite dangerous because they are made up of a single bamboo pole or coconut log to walk on. Sometimes, villagers will be generous enough to add another log to serve as a handrail.


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