These Creepy-Looking Sex Robots Are Expected to Be Part of Sex Industry …Would You Spend a Night with Them?

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Scientists predict that in the future, humans will be having sex with robots—maybe even having real relationships with them. These high-tech encounters are soon to be part of our culture as technology and robots evolve.

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Dr. Helen Driscoll says “sex tech,” or robots used for adult pleasures, is advancing at a fast pace. There are interactive robots with motion sensors that are getting more prominent in the sex industry.

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Right now, it’s strange to think virtual reality and sex will be part of the current norms, but 100 years ago, what was taboo and unacceptable in society has changed.

The idea of interacting with robots in an intimate way will seem very strange but as the technology evolves,  Dr. Driscoll believes it will be more acceptable to the people around the world.


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