She Has a Strange ‘Backwards’ Reading Talent …Nobody Else Can do This!

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This young lady has a talent not many people can do, which makes her truly one of a kind. The teenager first caught media attention a few years ago.

Doing Things Backwards

Image Credit: Youtube

Fourteen-year-old Alyssa Kramer from Poteau, Oklahoma, was featured on the Today Show in 2012. She has a very bizarre talent. She learned how to read around age six or seven and her brain automatically reads in both directions.

Aside from reading English sentences the correct way, she can also read the words right to left. She can instantly flip the words in her head and say them backwards easily.

She says she just knows how to pronounce the words and doesn’t have to think about it. Since there is no official backwards dictionary, no one can argue with her.

Watch her talent below:

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