Show Up in Bikini and This Petrol Station Will Give You Gas for Free

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If you’re a car owner, you are well aware of how expensive gas can be. You’ve probably done everything just to save every last drop.

If you’re really having it hard, try dropping by this gas station in Kiev, Ukraine. There, they give their customers free gas. But just like anything, there’s always a catch, and this time, it’s a sexy twist.

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In order to reel in more customers, this gas station decided to give free gas to whoever wants to gas up at the station—provided that they wear a bikini while fueling their cars up.

With a bunch of lovely ladies wearing bikinis, the gas station has sure gained public attention.

But it’s not just women who can get free gas while wearing a bikini. They said, “Anyone who wears a bikini”—no gender limit, which means, men in bikini are not barred from enjoying the promo. All a guy needs is some guts, a pair of swimsuit, and he’ll be good to go!

People might be thinking that this kind of feat is embarrassing, but on the contrary, the ladies who visited the station wearing only their bathing suits said they liked the attention they were getting.

There haven’t been any reports whether Kiev petrol station will extend their free-gas-for-bikinis promo, but what’s certain is that other gas stations might use this badass idea too. But hopefully, they’ll let the dudes don a board shorts instead of bikinis.

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