All Smart Cars are NOT Created Equal …This Unique Customs are Proof That they Can be Super Cool



Here are some of the most uniquely designed smart cars you can now see on the streets.


A grass-covered Smart car.

A couple of Smart cars.

For the Il Lusso Essenziale Festival in Rome, Italy, Magda Sayed covered a car in crochet.

Nice cow-printed Smart car.



A military-inspired Smart car.


This beautiful work of art is also a Smart car.


This fuel saver looks like a wind-up toy.


Smart cars can be convertibles, too.


Women and children will love driving around in this Hello Kitty Smart car.




This woman is a huge fan of the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians.


You can go on a picnic anytime with this Smart car.


SumoSalad had a hilarious ad campaign painted on a Smart car.


Sometimes, Batman needs to drive a small car.



Daimler-Chrysler made an awesome Smart forfun2.

This is completely different from other Smart cars because it is not small. Total height of this car is over 12 feet, with its tires alone being a whopping 55 inches in diameter.


Here is another article on small cars: 64 Miniature Cars that Made History



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