Star Wars Fan Gets Married to R2-D2 Because She Finds Men ‘Disappointing’


There are all kinds of Star Wars fans in the world, and by now, there is no telling where the line is drawn between the sane and insane.

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Still, Bonnie Burton may outdo all the other fans though. Ever since she first saw R2-D2 in the film A New Hope, she has been entranced by the little robot, and now that she’s all grown up, she decided to follow her heart and marry the droid of her dreams.


Burton, who works as editor and writer for, hadn’t actually planned on marrying R2-D2 from the start, but after the constant stream of disappointment from men who simply don’t get her geeky side, she decided that droids are going to be better life partners than men, which is why she went on the Star Wars Celebration V event and took the opportunity to be married to the lovable droid.


In a ceremony presided by Darth Maul, with Lucasfilms fan relations director Steve Sansweet giving her away, R2-KT as maid of honor and Darth Vader as Best Man, Bonnie and R2 took each other as droid and wife.

R2-D2-wedding5 R2-D2-wedding6

Of course, Bonnie realized that the marriage, despite having a certificate, is not accepted by all; however, she couldn’t care less.

R2-D2-wedding7 R2-D2-wedding8

As Selena Gomez sang, the heart wants what it wants, and she wants the blue-and-white droid. May they live happily ever after.

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