6 of the Strangest Wedding Traditions Practiced Around the Globe


Wedding traditions go from sweet to bizarre, but sometimes, there are things that are completely off the wall (and they’re not shoes). Here are some of the most bizarre wedding traditions in the world:

Spitting on the bride


An unusual tradition in Kenya involves having a father spit on his daughter in order to bless her marriage. According to the tradition, the father should spit on both her head and her breasts. The girl then leaves the village and is never allowed to look back lest she turn into stone. Not sure if it’s okay to spit back, though.

Kill a chicken, choose a date


Setting a date for your wedding can be stressful on its own—good thing there’s a different way to do it in China. The Chinese people called Daur set the date of their weddings by having the bride and groom kill a small chick, holding the knife together. Then they have to check the liver. If it looks good, it’s okay to marry. Otherwise, you may have to wait for more time. A marriage that will start with that kind of killing? Um, no thanks.

Marry the trees


Some Indian women called Mangliks have a creative idea regarding marriages. According to their belief, they are cursed and the cause of their husbands’ early deaths, so in order to cut the curse, they have to marry a tree first. There is no definitive reason for having to marry the tree, but once it dies, the woman can carry on with a normal human. Not sure how the trees could object to this sort of forced ceremony, though.

Blackening the bride


While most women would spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for their wedding dresses, the Scots probably won’t. After all, the marriage ceremony involves having the brides take disgusting things like dead fish, garbage, and flour. There’s a reason for this, though. If she can handle all these things on her, she can handle anything, including being married to a Scottish guy!

Legal kidnapping


From Romania and Georgia, when a man wishes to marry a woman, he is supposed to “kidnap” her from her parents house without them knowing. He then keeps her for a couple of days, and if he can keep her for that time, they will officially be declared married! But um . . . what if she doesn’t want to be with this man to begin with? Exes in denial should be avoided at all times—or random stalkers, for that matter.

Peep and poop in your pants


Not a wedding tradition but a honeymoon one. Indonesian couples are not allowed to go to the toilet for three days after they get married. This is because they have a belief that doing so will provide healthy babies (but probably not healthy parents, ever heard of urinary tract infection, anyone?)

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