In Japan, You Can Take a Bath in a Pool of Noodles


If you’re fond of baths, for sure you’ve already tried scented essential oil baths, milk baths, or even oatmeal baths. But did you know there’s also what they call the noodle bath?

Apparently, noodles are not just for eating. In Hakone, Japan, there’s a spa called Yunessun Spa House, and in there, you can dip yourself in a pool full of noodles, complete with pork broth!

At first, the spa used authentic noodles, but after the local health authorities banned real noodles, the spa switched to using synthetic noodles; but of course, the pork broth is still real. You can probably verify that by having a sip or two while bathing—it’s not recommended though.

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Have some broth . . . for your skin

The noodles swirling around you like loose thick hairs

“It feels like bathing in a real noodle bowl!” says one of the customers.

You’re probably asking why bathe in noodles when you can just slurp it. Like any other bath, it is good for the skin and it also helps increase metabolism.

The pork-based soup contains collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, hair its strength, and helps repair the body’s tissues.

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