Teen Who Loves Plastic More Than Food Has Eaten 60,000 Plastic Items for 11 Years


My Strange Addiction show on TLC has shown individuals with strange, even dangerous addictions such as sleeping with hairdryers, drinking paint, and many more. But the latest episode guarantees the most shocking subjects yet.

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On its third season, the show features a teenager from Sacramento, California, who has an unusual craving for plastic.

Eighteen-year old Kailyn claims she has eaten more than 60,000 plastic items in the last 11 years and will choose to eat it than food.


In the show’s trailer, Kailyn is seen munching on different kinds of plastic stuff like water bottles and CD cases.

Facing the camera, she revealed that she already has eaten 12 remotes, over 5,000 beads, over 1,000 cocktail swords, 100 forks, about ten water bottles, two pacifiers, three CD cases, about 50 hangers, about 25 plastic lids on to-go cups.


She confessed, “Plastic is something I want and I feel like I need.”

When asked what’s in plastic that she loves so much, she explains that it is more on its texture, not the taste.


“It’s the way it crunches and feels and it has a rough but at the same time smooth texture to it,” she says.

One of her favorite snacks is the TV remote control. She even showed how she ate it by starting on the buttons.


Another item she eats frequently are cocktail swords, which she easily has access in the dining house where she works. She consumes an average of 15 plastic swords a day.


The teenager knows that her strange addiction to plastic objects is dangerous to her health.

If you think Kailyn’s case is the weirdest in this season of My Strange Addiction, then you haven’t watched the series’ starter, Nathaniel, the guy from Arkansas who confessed to being sexually interested to his car.

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