The Crazy Things You Can Buy Online …Invest in the Moon Now!



There are a literally millions of stores and items you can choose from online. However, there are some sellers who have taken online selling to another level. Below are some samples of the most bizarre things being sold on the world wide web:

The Moon

More or less a century from now, the moon is going to be the new attraction for adventurers who are bored with the typical beaches here on earth. Although you can’t literally buy the whole moon, the Lunar Registry in New York sells an acre of this tranquil land for $32.

Imaginary Companions

With the help of online shopping, you can now buy an imaginary friend if you do not like to go out of your shell. A guy from the UK was able to sell Jon Malipiemen, his imaginary friend, on eBay because he happened to have already outgrown him.

You would think Jon would totally lose his friends after he lost his friendship with that imaginary guy, but he actually received 31 unimaginable bids for his imaginary friend, who was soon sold for $3,000. This just shows how hopeless some people can be.

Wigs for Babies

Many parents love to make some form of experiments with their kids’ outfits. Good thing for babies they do not mind being laughed at at all. So, it is not totally impossible for somebody with a creative imagination to come up with this sort of innovation — wigs for babies.

Wolf Urine?

Wolf urine is actually great for scaring off uninvited rodents inside your house. A bottle of this potent liquid is unbelievably in demand online that its price ranges from $8 to $20 per half a litter. The prices also depend on the urine’s quality. So, now there would be more reasons for the hunting of wolves.

Celebrities for Rent

If you feel like you want celebrities to crash on your special events, make sure you have your money ready with you. Because you’ll be paying them $25,000 to $350,000 per hour, depending on their popularity. An online catalog for entirely exclusive VIP events, people, and experiences, the Millionaire’s Concierge can help you hire a celebrity.



UFO Detector

If you’re weird enough to bother yourself about extra-terrestrial creatures, then then this updated tracking gadget is great for you. This machine can literally detect UFOs and is available at only $50. It has a “magnometer interface with micro controllers ” to detect magnetic oddities.

Rights to a Baby’s Name

It’s part of parents’ struggles to find the perfect name for their babies. For this reason, Melissa Heuschkel decided to make her way to a discovery with a twist. She used the privilege to make money on her blog by selling the rights to have her baby named online. The site bought the right for $15,000 with no delay. Her baby was then named

Justin Timberlake’s Breakfast

Every girl must have had their own moments with N’SYNC and splurged on concerts, music albums, and souvenirs. However, there are some fans who are determined to invest more than that. On one morning TV show they were invited to, one crew member grabbed the untouched French toast of Justin Timberlake and sold it for $4,000 on eBay.

Rocks for Pets

You don’t have to go outside anymore to find a rock for your pet. Since it’s already available online, you can already have your pet’s rock in a more sophisticated way for only $6 because it comes with a box as shown in the picture above.

A Liver

We all know that a person’s life cannot be replaced by any amount. But, there was a man who endeavored to put a price on his healthy liver online. This organ was able to attain a bid of up to $5 million. However, this was eventually removed from the site due to site violations.



Fingernails of a Serial Killer

An FBI agent named Roy Norris, a famous serial killer in California, as one of the most horrifying criminals he had ever encountered . Together with Lawrence Bittaker, his partner in crime, they were described as the “Tool Box Killers” in 1979. And, if you are the kind of person who would like to buy weird stuff for some purpose or another, you can buy his fingernail shavings for only $10.


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