The Funniest and Weirdest Photos Captured by Google Street View

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Google Street View is an interesting and advanced feature, but not everything it captures is amazing. Sometimes, it ventures toward the unfortunate to the downright bizarre. Take this guy for example, Street View captures him leaving a strip club. One can only hope he was working there as a custodian.

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This other photo, taken in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, turns out to be some sort of medieval ritual as evidenced by the two men dressed as knights or modern-day samurais.


Looks like Street View has a tendency of disrespecting privacy, but considering the circumstance of this picture, this looks too good not to post. The person in question was spotted doing his business on a sidewalk, and the world will never know its back story as Google had been quick to conceal the person’s identity.


Another photo shows some violence happening somewhere in England. Google, not one to condone violence of any sort, took this down shortly after.


This one was taken and for a good reason too, as it breaks all sorts of privacy laws.


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