Hospital Restaurant Where Diners Sit in Wheelchairs and Treated Like Patients


A stranger restaurant has opened recently in Riga, Latvia.

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In this hospital-themed diner, bartenders and waiters dress like doctors and nurses and they serve their guests like they are their patients.



The place has stainless steel tables that resemble operating tables, and they’re paired with dental chairs and wheelchairs for customers to sit on.

hospital5 hospital3

Syringes, scalpels, and other dissecting tools are used in place of the usual knives and forks, while the beverages are being served in medical bottles and vials. The hospital feels are even alive in their bathrooms.

hospital2 hospital6

You will see red crosses everywhere, and if you are the kind of a person who’s afraid of checkups, you should think twice before visiting the bizarre restaurant.

With their strange theme, the Hospital Restaurant is starting to gain worldwide attention and so far, every day, they see countless customers lining up to see what makes their service worth the pay.

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