The Kissing Cup Lid …Drinking Coffee Has Just Taken a Bizarre New Turn


Jang Woo-seok, a South Korean designer, has created a creepy yet cool custom coffee lid. The lid provides you with the illusion that you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee through someone else’s lips. Woo-seok describes the coffee lid as a fun yet functional design and a symbol of urban fashion and culture. He calls it the Take a ‘Kiss’ Out cup, which is made from polystyrene material and is disposable.

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It’s truly a new kind of way to enjoy a cup of coffee. You wouldn’t feel so “alone” anymore and would definitely enjoy every sip.

And if you have a loved one who is miles away from you, you can simply imagine that you’re giving them a kiss on the lips with the help of these innovative coffee lids.

It’s a lid that’s really getting attention very quick. A lot of people are using it now.

The cups are available, and anyone who’d like to use them could simply purchase them at B2B coffee chains.

It does look quite creepy at first, but later on, it becomes apparent that it has its own appeal.

This product is just one of many innovations that are somehow weird at first, but you’ll later on get to appreciate their artistic guile. Think of it as a different kind of way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

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