The Secrets of the Mysterious Underworld of the Paris Catacombs Revealed


The cops in Paris have just discovered a fully-equipped cinema-cum-restaurant in a massive and previously unknown cavern underneath the capital’s fashionable 16th arrondissement. And, officers admitted that they are now looking for clues to know who built this intriguing discovery.

A police spokesman said, “We have no idea whatsoever”.

“There were two swastikas painted on the ceiling, but also celtic crosses and several stars of David, so we don’t think it’s extremists. Some sect or secret society, maybe. There are many number of possibilities,” he added.

Members of the squad, who are patrolling and guarding the 170 miles of caves, galleries, catacombs, and tunnels hidden underneath the chic city, have discovered the complex while doing a training exercise beneath the Palais de Chaillot, which is across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

Upon entering the complex through a drain next to the Trocadero, the police officers saw a tarpauline marked, “Building site, No access”. Behind that, there was a desk and a closed-circuit TV camera that is set to automatically take photos of anyone who passes by. This mechanism has already documented several dogs barking.

The spokesman said it was “clearly designed to frighten people off”.

The officers described the 400 square meter opening of the tunnel as “like an underground amphitheatre, with terraces cut into the rock and chairs”.

The officers also discovered a lot of things here, including tapes of films ranging from 1950s classics to recent thrillers, projection equipment, and a full-sized cinema screen. But, none of the films were offensive or banned.

There was also a smaller cave next door that was turned into an informal bar and restaurant.

The spokesman elaborated, “There were bottles of whisky and other spirits behind a bar, tables and chairs, a pressure-cooker for making couscous. The whole thing ran off a professionally installed electricity system and there were at least three phone lines down there”.

Three days after the discovery, the police returned. They were already accompanied by experts from the French electricity board to know where the power came from. But, when they checked the place again, the electricity and phone lines had been cut. There was even a note lying on the floor that said, “Do not try to find us”.

According to reports, the miles of catacombs and tunnels underneath the city of Paris are former quarries that were built during the Roman times. Today, visitors and locals can go on guided tours around the restricted section, where the remains of more than six million Parisians were moved.

The discovery of these three large tunnels underneath the city’s capital was apparently among the activities of the group called Perforating Mexicans.

A photographer named Patrick Alk, who has just published a book about urban underground exploration movements, claimed to be close to the group. He said that the discovery of the cavern was “a shame, but not the end of the world”.

He also added, “There were a dozen more where that one came from. You guys have no idea what’s down there”.

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