The World’s Most Mind Blowing Houses


Our homes are considered to be a safe sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of our every day lives.

From the kitchen to the bedrooms, nothing in this world can provide the same kind of comfort and escape as what our homes can give. However, one cannot help but think about sprucing up your own living space ever once in a while. If you fancy a bit of redecorating, why not take some ideas from some of the world’s outrageous homes.

Bubble House (Cannes, France)

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This famous Bubble House is located in Cannes, France.First built in the 1980’s, this odd looking house was created by architect Antti Lovag and was subsequently bought by fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

The Toilet House (South Korea)

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This toilet shaped house is located at Suwon, South Korea. South Korean sanitation activists marked the start of a global toilet association right here on November 21, 2007. They did so by lifting the lid on the world’s first lavatory-shaped home. What is unique about this house is that it offers plenty of water closet space.

Crocodile House (Ivory Coast)

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This nature inspired home is located in Abidjian, the former capital of the Ivory Coast. Completed in 2008, this home is the brainchild of artist Moussa Kalo. The artist recently moved into his new home complete with bedrooms, windows and fully functional bathroom.

Antilia (India)

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The Antilia is listed among the world’ most expensive houses amounting to almost $ 1 billion US dollars in value. Located at South Mumbai, India, this house belongs to none other than the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited Mukesh Ambani. The house has over 600 staff in attendance.

The Upside Down House- Poland

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This vertigo inducing home is the creation of Polish artist Daniel Czapiewski. The house served as a description of the Communist Era and the present times that we now live in.



Space House (Tennessee)

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The Space Ship House located at Chattanooga, Tennesse, USA is perfect for any science fiction die hard fan. This house was built by Curtis King back in 1973.

Shoe House (South Africa)

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Remember the old nursery rhyme about an old lady who lives in a shoe? The South African Shoe House is just one of the many shoe houses around the world. This house is the creation of a local artist named Ron Van Zyl for his wife in 1990. Today, the house is a part of a complex that includes art, museum, campground, bar and more.

Dar al-Hajar- Yemen

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This out of this world creation is the residence of Imam Yahya Muhammad Hamid ed-Din, the ruler of Yemen. The house, which was built on top of a rock is often used as a summer house. Today, the house serves as a museum.

Crazy House- Vietnam

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This bizarre creation from Vietnam was built in 1990 by a local architect as a pet project. The design incorporates several natural elements which includes animals, mushrooms and even a giant tree trunk. Guests even have the opportunity to live in the house as a portion of it has been converted into guest rooms.

Boeing 727 House: Costa Rica

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This two bedroom, two bathroom is located outside of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica and is available for rent! You can find that the interior of this home is completely refurbished and is paneled with local wood.



Bio-Climatic Solar House (France)

The bio climatic solar house is located in Eastern France. The house’s angle and facade work is designed specifically so that the home remains warm during the winter and relatively cool during the warm climate.


Check out more of the world’s strangest homes in the videos below.


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