These Adventurers Are Taking Nap Time to New Heights …See How Terrifying!

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How does a true adventurist satisfy their adrenaline cravings when they’re not climbing?  By hanging off ropes hundreds of feet off the ground of course! These thrill seekers are taking their “breaks” in the Northern Italian Alps by sleeping in hammocks in what can only be described as shockingly high in the air.

The setup offers them another thrilling experience while they rest. Just like the feats they attempt to achieve during the daytime, their new way of spending the nights is a risky one too. This new adventure is known as the International Highline Meeting in Monte Piana, and it has attracted a lot of people who like to—basically—live dangerously.

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About 18 tightropes are set up, ranging from 18 feet high to more than 300 feet off the ground. You can get yourself a spot in one of the most dangerous napping places in the world, along with a fine view, for only $40.

Each year, the Highline Meeting brings together slackliners (similar to tightrope walkers) and people who aren’t afraid of heights. They literally hang around for a few days while high-fiving hawks as they fly by.

It is indeed an extreme way of relaxing. With the breeze and wondrous view, nighttime for these people will never be the same again. If you’re into this kind of stuff, you should definitely check it out!

Watch this daredevil idea for Peace in Monte Piana below

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