These Architectural Illusions are Astounding …They’ll Make You Look Twice



We are always in the lookout for something interesting, whether it is in books, art, forms of entertainment, or even architecture. While others might look for those that will capture their interest emotionally, you might be more visual and gravitate towards those with aesthetic appeal.

So, to provide you with what you may be looking for right now, we have gathered several architectural and art masterpieces that will boggle your mind as to their illusory offerings.

The Balcony Facade Illusion

The photograph above features a one-of-a-kind illusion of a balcony facade. You can see a woman and a man outside the balcony. However, if you will notice they were just painted on the structure’s wall.

There are also vases on top of the window frames. But, these, too, were just painted illusions.

The Bâtiment Installation

Nothing could be more fun than this! Created by artist Leadro Erlich, the Bâtiment, which is building in French, is a mirrored installation that can be seen in Paris’ Le 104 as part of the exhibition called, “In Perceptions”. The piece is considered simple yet clever. It is basically a huge building facade built on the floor, right near to a hulking mirror. It gives people reflected on the mirror a strange weightless feeling.

Erlich is known for creating optical illusions. One of his most popular installations is a pool that seems to bring gallery guests deep underwater.

The Upside Down House

Created by Udiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk as an art project, the Upside Down House can be found in Trassenheide, Germany. Compared to other upside down houses though, this weird structure is not just shell structure. It is fully furnished and everything inside and out of it are upside down. Can you imagine going through this house and not tripping on anything at all?

The 3D Lichtenstein House

With an aim to play with your vision and alter your perception, the 3D Lichtenstein House Optical Illusion looks like a normal home in still photos. However, it is actually created from three concave angles that seem to come towards you, when you look at it. Because of this effect, the house will always seem to pop out at you no matter where you look at it.

The Olympic Stadium

The weird image above is the brainchild of Architectural Optical Illusion. This is the Olympic Stadium in Montreal and can be located in Montreal, Canada.

The first thing that probably popped into your mind when you looked at this is whether or not this was planned. As you can see, the tree’s curve is the same with the unusual curvature of the structure.




The Trompe-l’oeil Building Mural

Found at Georges V Avenue in Paris, France, this building mural or what is known as a trompe-l’oeil, which is an art technique that involves the use of realistic imagery to make an optical illusion. Through this, you will believe that the objects being depicted really exist, instead of just being two-dimensional artwork.

Trompe-l’oeil is French for “deceive the eye, from the words tromper, which means “to deceive”, and l’oeil or “the eye”.

The One Wall House

This One Wall House is located in Odessa, Ukraine, near Vorontsov’s Palace. Known for its weird shape, the house seem to only have a facade and no side wall if you will view it coming from the palace.

The reason for this flat architecture is most probably the size and shape of the plot of land where it was erected. Built by architect D. Klimov in 1889, the house belonged to Rafalovich.

The Münsterberg Illusion

More known as the Café Wall Illusion, the Münsterberg Illusion in the photo above, which was created by Ashton Raggat McDougall in 2006, is an optical illusion brought about when zigzag patterned tiles in black and white rectangular tessellation. Although the pattern appears to veer towards the lower right and upper corners of the structure, the gray lines are just parallel to each other.

It is interesting to note that this illusion won’t be as effective if black lines are utilized instead of gray.

The House in Maryland, USA

This house found in Maryland, USA will make you want to smile and wave back at the woman, who seems to be waving her hand in greeting, and her dog at the window. However, if you will look close enough, you will see that everything you see on this side of the structure’s wall has just been painted. From afar, I bet you wouldn’t know that, would you?

The Sinking House Illusion

Looking at the image above, you’d probably ask yourself if this house is really sinking on the horizon. Although this seems impossible, it certainly looks like it. Can you guess how this optical illusion was done?

As you can probably see, the image on the left was taken on a different angle, thus making you think that the building is really sinking. However, the camera was actually just tilted to the right to give you that illusion.



The Unusual Building in Mexico

In the Colonia Juarez area in Mexico City, Mexico, you will find an unusual-looking building inspired by kinetic art or Art Cintique and optical art or Op Art.

Named Kiral, the structure comes from the concept of Agence Arquitecture, a Mexican architectural studio, and Movimiento Workshop. Its facade comes with horizontal and vertical lines that appear as waves, breaking the customary impression of the vertical plane.

The Warped Building


The Warped Building is surely one of the most twisted buildings you can ever be in. With its name, you can already deduce the optical illusion it provides to viewers. And, if you live in this structure, which offers living spaces, you won’t ever have trouble in giving out directions ever again.


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