These Divers Took A Plunge into the Deep Blue Sea …What They Found Was Something Amazing



If you think you have already explored the depths of the sea, then you need to think again. The sea keeps a lot of secrets and perhaps, not one of us knows a thing about all of them. But sometimes, man finds out what the sea is capable of hiding. Just like an iceberg, with the tip on the surface and the real thing underwater, there are still plenty of things we need to discover under the waters. Here are some of them.

Silver Bricks

These silver bricks are very precious treasures. These were found off the coast of Ireland as a part of the wreckage of a British ship that was ruined during World War II. When combined, these stones weigh 60 tons.

The Yonaguni Monument

Found off the coast of Japan, the Yonaguni Monument is said to be about 5,000-years-old, which means it is somewhat older than the rest of the ancient civilizations.


The waters of the Caribbean is known for the danger lurking beneath the flowing surfaces. But, only a few know that it has a secret underneath. Off the coast of Cancun, you can find a whole park of sculptures on the sea bed. If you take a dive in the clear waters, you can feast your eyes on these gigantic and mysterious statues.


This Stonehenge is way too different from the one you can see in England. This one is found at the heart of Lake Michigan. Since its discovery, it has attracted many people to solve its mystery.

Underwater Meeting

How about a meeting underwater? Well, President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives just nailed it. He held the first ever underwater 30-minute cabinet meeting about six meters below sea level.



Apollo 11 Relics

On the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean lies the engine of Apollo 11. It was an expedition funded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO.


What do you think is the most bizarre thing you can see underwater? We bet this steam locomotive is among them. Discovered only after 135 years from its creation, this rail transport vehicle has raised lots of question of how it got there. Until now, the mystery continues to disturb many.

Ancient City

Although this city was drowned on purpose, this gigantic architectural wonder located in China’s Lake Qiandao is becoming a popular tourist attraction. Surprisingly, it has remained intact for 5 decades now.


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