These Over-sized Creations Are Out of Control …See these Giant Contraptions



Things in our universe usually have small and huge versions to adapt to everybody’s needs. But these objects that you will see have gone through extremities. Here are 15 of the largest objects ever invented in different parts of the world.

Big Toys for Big Boys

Gregory Dunham spent three years of his life crafting the 1.88 m tall tires, 20 ft long, 11 ft tall giant bike that can suck up to 8.2 litter V8 engine. This rideable 6,500-pound motorcycle costs roughly $300,000. Because of its amazing traits, it was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest motorcycle.

Don’t You Dare Mess Up with That Guy

With its width of more than 4 ft, this is probably the largest pistol in the world. It is a replica of Remingdon model 1857 created by Mr. Ryszard Tobys.

Best Piñata Ever

This huge dummy donkey broke the Guinness record for the largest piñata in the world. With its 7.2-meter width and 28.5-meter height, it’s not only the kiddies who’ll want to get away with its 8,000 pounds of candy but also the bigger ones. This record-holder was so big that people needed a wrecking ball to smash the piñata during the Carnival Cruise Lines, which was shown on a TV commercial.

Happy Easter!

A Belgian city dared to be on the Guinness Book of Records with their largest Easter egg in 2005.  More than twenty craftsmen worked hand in hand to build this 8-meter-tall egg for 525 hours, which beat the record South Africa set in 1996. Guylian, a Belgian chocolate producer, provided at least 50,000 chocolate bars to complete the huge chocolate egg that weighs a total of 4,300 pounds.

Biggest Pool Ever

This man-made saltwater lagoon has been attracting huge crowds to visit San Alfonso del Mar Resort at Algarrobo, located in Chile’s southern coast. The saltwater pool contains 250,000 cubic meters of water and is even navigable by small boats.

This swimming pool took five years to make. With its 1,000-yard-long, 20-acre-wide, 115-foot-deep end, it is considered the world’s largest swimming pool by the Guinness Book of World Records. It can hold up to 66 million gallons of water, which makes it as costly as needing nearly £2 million for maintenance every year. The whole structure cost almost £1 billion to make.



Too Much Icing

The world’s largest birthday cake weighed more than 25,000 pounds, which was served for the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962. With its 23-foot height, it needed 10,5000 pounds of flour.

The Beer Can for Party People

The Ultimate Game for the Whole Neighborhood

Two complete teams with 22 players would be more than enough for the longest table football game. This Table Football XXL was made by Amsterdam brewer Amstel that happened to have the same stunts with the European League Finals. Unluckily, you would be needing at least six flight cases to ship this to you, if you want to buy one.

This One Is Very Cheesy!

This record-breaking cheese wheel was made by Beemster, the Dutch gourmet cheese maker. It weighed 1,323 pounds and measured 6 feet wide.

The Chair That Nobody Can Ever Sit On

You might think that this is just an edited photo by somebody somewhere, but it isn’t. This world’s largest chair can actually be found in the piazza in the city of chair makers, Manzano, Italy, where it was created.



Big Burger for Big Tummies

This monster-sized burger, which weighs 123 pounds, has been recognized as the largest burger in the world. This was made by Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania. The pub used probably 80-pound beef patty, 12 tomatoes, 30 pounds of bun, 160 slices of cheese, a garden of lettuce, and a huge parts of spices. Priced at roughly $379, this burger will surely satisfy your cravings.

Largest Crossword in the World

This largest crossword was installed on the wall of a residential tower that’s approximately 30 meters high in Lvov, Ukraine. The questions for the puzzle were located in different important areas in the city, such as monuments, fountains, theaters, etc. This was intended so people would have something to solve while roving around the city. The puzzle looks empty with no answers at daytime, but it’s visible at night with all the lights up. So the residents and the tourists should go out and see if their answers were correct when the sun comes down.

The Mother of All Pencils

This world’s largest classic No. 2 pencil weighs 21,500 pounds and measures 76 feet long. This was built by Ashrita Furman in New York with the help of other craftsmen.

The Monster Bottle of Wine

This monster bottle was declared to be the world’s largest wine bottle by Guinness World Records. Its size is as big as 640 normal bottles combined. This Grande Cuvée TBA NV No. 7 2005 needed 490 liters of wine to be completely filled up. It was made by Austrian wine maker Kracher and was presented in Rehetobel Switzerland.

Biggest Book for Everyone

This five-by-seven feet book with 112 pages is entitled Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Kingdom. The recognition for this huge book went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Michael Hawley,  who is also an author. For this to be published, it needed a gallon of ink for printing and cost $2,000 for publication.


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