These Premises are For the Very Few …We Grant You a One-Time Access

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There are some places in the world that only a selected few can visit. These places are often believed to be shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Some even say that they are the birthplace of conspiracies. People also believe that these places are where some of the richest and most powerful people in the world gather around to create dubious plans. Here are some of these famous locations that are—unfortunately—off-limits for you.

White’s Gentlemen’s Club

White’s is the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in existence and is infamous for its exclusivity and the often laddish behavior of its members. Founded by Francesco Bianco in 1693, White’s is situated in London, England. The club is renowned for its betting book that records the members’ ridiculous bets, which include a £3,000 bet on which of two raindrops would slide down the window first.

The requirements to join the club start from simple to outrageous. To join them, you need to be a man. Then you need to be invited by a current member of the club, who would also need to get the consent of two other members to let you join in. Since most of its members are wealthy and powerful individuals, you won’t be able join the club if you have no contact with any of its current members. The club also prohibits women from joining. Queen Elizabeth II is the only woman to have ever been entertained by the White’s.

RAF Menwith Hill

Situated in North Yorkshire, England, Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force base, which is known to be the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. Most of its tasks are done on behalf of the US National Security Agency. The primary job of this mysterious RAF (Royal Air Force) is to spy on and intercept enemy satellites, missiles, and signals. The base has heavy connections with the ECHELON spy network, a close-knit global spy alliance between the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center was set up by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and is where high-profile individuals and government officials are expected to take shelter from the impending doom during an apocalypse. The base is located deep within the forest of the US state of Virginia. It is constantly protected by razor wire and armed guards, and only very little information is known about the base because its details are highly confidential.

Mount Yamantau

The US government firmly believes that within the mountain is a massive supply of nuclear weapons housed in an underground military facility. There also lies a top-secret town that is permanently closed from the outside world, located just south of the mountain, called Mezhgorye. It’s also believed that the town is the home to a human civilization employed to cultivate nuclear weaponry. Mount Yamantau is also the tallest mountain in the Ural mountain range in Russia, standing at 1,640 meters (5,381 ft) tall.

Room 39

Room 39 is a government organization directly controlled by the Kim Family. Established in the late 1970s, the goal of Room 39 is to seek underhanded and malicious ways to illegally obtain foreign currencies. It is speculated that Room 39 is deeply involved in government-controlled drug smuggling and illicit weapon sales. The group also has 120 foreign trade companies under its jurisdiction. The Room is said to be located inside a ruling Workers’ Party building in North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang.



Club 33

Disneyland’s Club 33 is somehow less malicious, but it’s just as secretive. Discreetly situated above the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, Club 33 is a strictly members-only club and restaurant. It’s the only place in Disneyland where you can buy an alcoholic beverage. They have a strict member limit of only 487 people. You will need about $30, 000 to join and the patience to wait for at least fourteen years before you get officially signed up.

Area 51

Arguably the most infamous and controversial location in this list, Area 51 is a large secretive military airfield situated in southern Nevada, United States. The main function of the base is to test and develop experimental aircraft and weapon systems. Aside from that, many believe the base is being utilized to examine and attempt to reverse engineer alien technology, alien lifeforms, and crashed alien spaceships. The use of lethal force is authorized if anyone attempts to step foot inside the base’s perimeter.

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