These Tales of Alien Abductions Are So Convincing …They’ll Send Chills Down Your Spine

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Since the release of the Steven Spielberg sci-fi movie E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial, we have come to believe that creatures from another planet may have visited us. But, there are real-life abduction tales that not only give us an idea that they did come here. They tell us that these extraterrestrials stayed long enough doing experiments on Earth, watching humans, and even cross-breeding with some of us.

Jesse Long

The star of this abduction story is Jesse Long, a Tennessee native who asserted that in 1957, he was taken by aliens. Jessi was only five years old at the time. He was playing with his brother on a hill near their home, when they saw a round house under construction. Perhaps too playful to keep still inside their house and watch horror movies, the boys were completely clueless and didn’t think there was brewing danger, so they stayed and examined the UFO-like object instead of running away.

On Jessi’s account, he saw a tall man standing in front of him, flashing him with a bright light. The light, he claimed, paralyzed him from head to toe, which led to memory loss.

Years later, Jessi was subjected to hypnosis regression and only remembered the happenings after a few sessions. He said he saw himself and his brother being walked down a hallway, but were later on separated. After a few moments, Jessi was laid on a flat table before an object was implanted in his left shin. The strange object was left in Jessi’s leg for thirty-four years until he decided to have it removed via surgery in 1991.

True enough, there was something on Jessi’s leg, which appeared to be a shard of glass. It was then sent for examination, which gave out results that were just as bizarre as the appearance of the object. After a thorough experiment, the South West Research Institute said, “The object had a very remarkable composition…Exhibited unique surface characteristics that cannot be explained…The questions outnumbered the answers.”

In the following years, Jessi alleged that he was abducted again multiple times. The worst he had ever experienced was when he was forced to crossbreed with what he believed was one of the female aliens. In one instance, Jessi was greeted by a mysterious light when he was driving to New Orleans, right outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jessi recalled being lifted off the interstate and brought inside an alien craft, while still being seated on his car. He was shocked when he was suddenly presented an alien baby and was told, “This is your child.” While Jessi wasn’t really sure if they just wanted to inform him of his baby’s existence or they sought for child maintenance, he was certain that the aliens looked proud of what was happening and saw it as a great achievement.

Allagash Abductions

In 1976, four Mainer art-school buddies Jame and Jack Weiner, Charlie Foltz, and Chuck Rak braved an eerie night and decided to go out for a camping trip. On the second night of their feat, weird things started to happen as a bright light in the sky caught the attention of the group.

On the third night, having no fear for the looming threat of a possible alien abduction, the four men went for night fishing. While they were fishing, they saw the same light they noticed the other night. Seeing it as a good chance, one dude made an SOS pattern at the bright light using his flashlight. Unfortunately, what he expected to be a wise move turned out to be otherwise. After a few seconds, the light grew bigger, expanded, and engulfed them—exactly the same scene you see on the Pac-Man video game.

When the men got back to their senses, they found themselves back at their campsite, without any memory of how they got there and who brought them there. They built up a fire before they went fishing, but when they came back, all that was left were ashes. The situation apparently called for a loud scream of a horrifying alien abduction, with the four men not remembering anything of what happened to them for a substantial period. But, the four fearless souls just chose to forget what happened and went on with their camping trip like everything just went as smoothly as ever.

However, the weeks following that trip started to get terrifying. Every one in the group started to have nightmares where they allegedly boarded a spaceship with a group of large-headed and long-necked creatures who then conducted experiments on them, one by one, while the remaining three would helplessly watch. This made the group realize that something unwanted did happen during the trip.

Consumed by the horrors of their dreams, the four men decided to meet with UFO specialists. To regain their lost memories, the experts advised the group to undergo regressive hypnosis. With the help of these sessions, the men claimed they recalled being abducted and experimented on— exactly what their nightmares suggested.

As they were all skilled artists, the group was able to illustrate what their abductors and their spaceship looked like. All of the men’s sketches were said to be very closely similar. To eradicate speculations, all four men underwent psychiatric examinations, which proved that they were mentally stable, and took lie-detector tests, which they all passed. The event was named the Allagash Abductions and was the topic of national prime-time news at the time.

John Salter, Jr.

While most cases in here ended up in horrifying nightmares, mutilation, or crossbreeding, this one had a particularly happy ending. What John Salter, Jr. and his son thought was a normal drive ended up to be a dangerous one, when they noticed they were wheeling in a different direction and had lost quite an amount of time. On what happened during that one long hour that they lost, the two men couldn’t remember a thing.

The father and son continued with their trip. Suddenly, they took notice of a UFO in the sky. The sight gave way for all the lost memories of the two to start flooding in, which included all strange and disturbing events.

According to John, they saw a tall half-human, half-alien creature and a group of children. Unlike how we expect the two to react, strangely enough, they didn’t feel afraid with the presence of the outworldly creatures and instead felt secure and connected with the aliens. Their creepy-looking friends guided them into a room where they were experimented on and asked to undergo unusual procedures. These experiments, John and his son revealed, caused an overall improvement in their health.

If you’re still craving for more evidence, here’s one: John still had a scar on his forehead when he was taken in by the aliens. When he was released, no trace of it could be seen.

Travis Walton

This story is especially convincing. It was November 5, 1975, when twenty-two-year-old American logger Travis Walton experienced something unusual, together with the logging crew he was working with in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. After a day’s work, while they were on their way home riding on the same truck, the group saw a yellowish light. It was behind a hill up ahead their path.

The team decided to move closer to get a clearer view of what was there, then they spotted a large golden disc floating above a clearing. When their vehicle stopped for a moment, Travis suddenly went down and ran toward the object. Despite the loud screams of his colleagues warning him of possible danger, Walton didn’t even flinch and carried on.

When he got nearer, Watson was struck by a blue-green light coming from the disc, the other guys revealed. They added that they then saw Walton rise a foot into the air, with his arms and legs outstretched. Then together with the large golden disc, Walton disappeared.



The rest of the group immediately asked help from the police when they arrived home. They were apparently distraught, and two of them were reportedly crying. The police instigated a search party to find Walton, but found no trace of the young logger.

Five days later, however, Travis Walton re-appeared. He looked like he lost so much weight while he was away. Aside from being the subject of several national news reports, Walton also published the book The Walton Experience, wherein he narrated detail by detail his encounter with the UFO.

Frederick Valentich

When people are taken away by aliens, we see it as the end of the victims’ journey on earth because the aliens will make them one of their people and will never drop them to our planet ever again. So when those who claim they have been abducted come back to share their experience, their comeback somehow makes them unbelievable. That exactly is what makes this story different. After he was suspectedly abducted by the aliens, Frederick Valentich never came back.

Aussie Frederick Valentich was 25 when his fate started to take the wrong turn. He was an aspiring pilot. On October 21, 1978, while he was taking a training flight off the southeast coast of Australia, Valentich was met by an inexplicable event. The young man was said to have radioed Air Traffic Control in Melbourne to inform them that some unidentified craft flying 1,000 ft above his plane was shadowing him. He further noted that the unknown thing was surrounding his own, while emitting a strange green light.

Then engine problems started to worry Valentich. The people from the Air Traffic Control asked for a description of the unusual craft in the hope to identify it, but Frederick sent a response that confused everyone: “It’s not an aircraft.” After this, a metallic, scraping sound was heard and interrupted the connection. Then all contact was lost.

An all-out search followed the incident, which took four long days. It was conducted in a large 1,000 m² area. Unfortunately, no trace of Valentich and the craft he flew were ever seen. People living in the nearby towns told police they had been seeing UFO in the sky above Australia the same night Frederick vanished.

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