These Toilets Are So Bizarre …You May Decline the Call of Nature

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The “comfort” in “comfort room” is supposed to do as it’s stated—to comfort. But these hilarious urinals and toilet bowls beg to differ. Although they are cleverly designed, they actually take away the comfort of doing your business. But hands down, these toilets are more than amusing, and they’ll make a good finishing touch to your gorgeous bathroom. Check out these humorous toilets scattered around the globe.

Open wide . . .

Where is the seat warmer?

Where is the real refill tank?

No pressure here

The Rolling Stones model without the tongue?

When you got to go, you got to go

Too rich for me!


If you want to go green . . .


The very definition of comfort

Trippy bathroom

Going old-school

This should be number one on your bucket list

For the thrill of it all . . .


Wall Candy

When nature calls but you still got to fight villians

Mandatory requirement for every bar

Dave? You still in there?

Steam Punk Toilet

This may scare it out of you!

Unleash the musician in you

You hope nobody can see in…

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