These Unexplained Disappearances are Incredibly Spooky …You Won’t Sleep Tonight!


Every year, about 275,000 Brits and 10 million Americans mysteriously go missing. But is it really possible for someone to vanish into thin air without any trace? According to science, it can’t happen . . . and it won’t. However, there are stories that say otherwise, and here are some of them.

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Lord Lucan

Also called “Lord Lucan”, Richard John Bingham, the seventh earl of Lucan, disappeared without a trace on September 8, 1974, after he killed the children of his nanny in their family’s home in London. While reports say he fled and was never seen again, authorities believe he drowned himself in the English Channel.

Until now, there have been official reports as to where he might be. But there are numerous sighting of him all over the world, particularly in Africa. Ex-detective Duncan MacLaughlin said he has been collecting evidence to prove that Lord Lucan hid in Goa in Western India. He got some photos from former drug dealer Mark Winch, who reportedly saw an elderly man who resembled Lord Lucan.

At first, Winch explained how he became friends with the man and how much the man loved to play backgammon, a game Lord Lucan was famous for.

A 2,000-Resident Town

Aside from Lord Lucan’s story, there was also a whole village of 2,000 residents that disappeared into thin air.

In November 1930, Joe Labelle traveled to an Eskimo village located along Lake Anjikuni in northern Canada. Before he went there, he knew it had a flourishing fishing community of about 2,000 residents. When he arrived, he was shocked to see the place completely abandoned.

The authorities investigated the case only to acquire disturbing results. Residents didn’t leave any signs of them vacating the village, not even a single footprint.

After further investigation, they discovered mind-boggling things. Sled dogs starved to death and were buried 12 feet under the snow. They also found out that all the belongings of the residents were left undisturbed in their homes. But among all discoveries, the most chilling thing they’ve noticed was that all the ancestral graves of the Eskimos had been emptied.

The Stonehenge

Another spine-tingling mystery that happened was the disappearance of the Stonehenge in August 1971.

One night, a group of hippies decided to put up their tents in the middle of the stone circle. At 2:00 a.m., a powerful storm hit the Salisbury Plain where the Stonehenge was located. According to two witnesses, lightning ravaged the area. The stones of the ancient monument eventually lit up in a creepy blue light. It was so intense that they had to protect their eyes.

After which, they heard screams from the campers. The witnesses immediately ran to the scene and expected to see injured bodies. However, they found no one. All of them had vanished. The tent and the campfire were the only things that remained on the site.

A Marching Battalion

In 1915, during World War I, three members of a New Zealand field company said they witnessed a battalion of the Norfolk Regiment marching up a hillside in Suvla Bay, Turkey.

Even if the hill was surrounded by low-lying clouds, the army still marched without hesitation. Unfortunately, they never came out. When the war ended, the British government presumed the battalion was held prisoners, so they demanded the Turkish government to return them. But the Turks insisted they never really captured and made contact with the battalion.

David Lang

Finally, here is the story of David Lang and his family.

One day, in September 1880, while David’s two kids, Sarah and George, were playing in front of their home, he went into the field toward his horses. At that time, a wagon carrying Judge August Peck was approaching. So he turned around and walked back to his house after waving at the judge.

Shortly thereafter, David disappeared out of the scene. Emma, his wife, screamed at that sight, and everybody just rushed to where David was last seen, thinking he had just fallen into a deep hole. But there wasn’t any. The family then searched for David in various places, but he was nowhere to be found.

After a few months, Sarah and George noticed that the spot where their father disappeared turned yellow, sank in a circle with a diameter of 4.6 meters. Several months later, while playing near the spot, they heard their father’s voice crying out for help. As they went closer to the place, his voice faded away. Since then, they never heard from him again.

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