This Girl has a Rare Disorder and She Sleeps For Up To 10 DAYS At A Time



A teenager suffering from a rare condition has now been dubbed the real life “Sleeping Beauty”. A rare sleep disorder can have her out for up to 10 days at a time. This condition has no cure and can strike at anytime.

Georgia Green suffers from a neurological sleep disorder called Klein-Levin syndrome. This condition means she can sleep without waking up properly for 10 days at a time. There is no treatment or cure for this disorder, which can leave her bed ridden for weeks.

Georgia Green, 19,  suffers from Kleine-Levin syndrome, a sleep disorder which affects one in a million people.


Green told Daily Mail Australia, “When I experience an episode, I can be out for ten days at a time. It get a foggy feeling in my head when it’s coming on and the next thing I know I’m just knocked out”.

She went through blood tests, MRIs and brain scans, before she was diagnosed with the rare Klein-Levin syndrome three years ago. This sleep disorder can have the victims suffering from regular episodes where they will sleep 12-18 hours a day and spend the rest of the time in a sleep-like state.

Green said:

“I generally sleep for about 10 days, then I get insomnia for a night because I’ve overslept, so it’s nearly two weeks before I’m back on track.”

The episodes have short-term symptoms like extreme junk food cravings and mood swings, but the biggest impact is in her daily routine. She misses weeks of school, parties, and work. It disrupts everything.

Georgia, shown here with her partner Cameron, says the condition can strike out of the blue and leave her bed ridden for weeks.


Early on, Green dropped out of school, after she missed some important exams. However, she currently works as a sales assistant, while studying at Flinders University.

She has suffered about 35 episodes, which is nearly a year of her life lost because of the rare condition.

For the first two years, she had a monthly episode. It has since become less frequent, but there are still no precautions she can take to avoid a recurrence.

Since there is no cure or medication for the episodes, Green has to sacrifice important aspects of her life. Leaving school and abstaining from alcohol had no effect. When an episode comes, she just has to stop everything and endure it.

The condition diminishes when the victims are close to age thirty, but until then there is nothing the teenager can do.

The teenager estimates she has lost about a year of her life from the rare condition.


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