This Guy’s Amazing Proposal Using a Monopoly Board Game …Advance to the Nearest Resort!



Reddit user Justinlebon26 and his girlfriend, Michal, wanted to begin a new life with each other. They have always loved playing Monopoly, and they even used a handmade board back in the day. Unfortunately, the board fell apart after a few years and so it was time for a new board.

Justin wanted to do something really unique when he decided to propose on Christmas morning. So how would he make his proposal one-of-a-kind? Well, how about a custom-made Monopoly board to pop the question?

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It was still inspired by the original one, but this board was custom-built.

This board was custom built, but it was still inspired by the original one.

To start, he used Excel to design the property cards

First, the property cards were designed on Excel.

Then for a little extra durability, he printed them on thick card stock

He then printed them on thick card stock for a little extra durability.

One of them is totally new, but most of them are pretty standard

Most of them are pretty standard, but one of them is totally new.

Some of them even had a modern twist

He even put a modern twist on some of them!

The board was constructed using an old ice chest and recycling its wood

The board itself was made using recycled wood from an old ice chest.

What came next was the layout of the board, which he needed to compose

He was then tasked with composing the layout of the board.

For a fancier look, the hotel and house pieces were covered with metallic paint.

The house and hotel pieces were covered with metallic paint for a fancier look.

It looked extremely elegant when it was finished

When finished, it looked seriously luxe.

Mark Becker, Justinlebon26’s friend, was the one responsible for the construction of the board itself.

It all started where they first met, on The property spaces are also named after places that are important to them

The property spaces are named after places that are important to them, and it all started where they first met -- on

They went on their first date on this exact place

This is where they went on their first date.

Their childhood streets were also included

He also included their childhood streets...

As well as the streets they resided in when they met

...and the streets they lived on when they met.

Favorite vacation spots were there too, like these ones in California

There are some favorite vacation spots on there, too, like these in California...

Some in Maui

...and these in Maui.

This cool-looking container is where all of the pieces are stored. There’s a certain romantic addition in it, as you may have noticed

The pieces all rest in this cool container. You might notice a certain romantic addition.

Awaiting to be opened on Christmas day, the whole board was wrapped up as a gift

The whole board was wrapped up and ready to be opened on Christmas day.

Wait a minute, they don’t have this card in the original game!

This card isn't in the original game!

There’s a secret compartment once you advance to the “luxury tax”

But when you advance to the "luxury tax" space, there's a secret compartment.

This right here is an amazing proposal!

Now that's a proposal!

Justinlebon26 went through a lot of trouble, but that doesn’t just stop there. He even tricked Michal into thinking the proposal wasn’t going to happen, and he also planned out the way the proposal would unfold. That was until the “Will You Marry Me?” card was pulled out by Michal.

They now have this gorgeous board as a unique treasure, in addition to having lasting memories.

He decided to go with the resorts they’ve previously stayed in on various vacations instead of railroads

Instead of railroads, he decided to go with resorts that they've stayed in on various vacations.

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