This Island is a Paradise, But The Local Tribe Will Kill You- See The Shocking Reason Why



Located in the Bay of Bengal near Thailand, an isolated paradise known as North Sentinel Island. It is a tropical and sunny place filled with trees and diverse vegetation.

Despite its beauty, there is one problem. Its inhabitants, called the Sentinelese people, do not really welcome visitors. They are the last and only isolated tribe in the world and they would rather keep their privacy.

According to statistics, there are about 300 residents living on the island. And, their way of living is untainted by modern technology. However, this isn’t really supported by facts. To protect the inhabitants, as well as the visitors, there is a law that prohibits people to come closer within five kilometers of their coastline. Once you cross the line, they will make sure you will know.

As of 2006, the tribe has killed illegal fisherman for poaching pigs and lobsters from the island, which are essential food for the natives. There was also a report in which two men were believed to be killed while sleeping in their boats.

In 2004, after the killer tsunami and earthquake hit the place, helicopters came to check the area for any signs of damage and also to deliver relief goods. But, the Sentinelese people only threw rocks, spears, and arrow at them, forcing them to move away. As a result of the calamity, the island was raised about three to six feet, which caused the surface of the island to widen by one mile.

What makes the island known to all is its square-like shape and its beautiful surrounding coral formations. It has a total land area of 28 square miles.



There was a time when researchers were able to get close and deal with the natives. In 1980, they started to make friends until a friendly encounter occurred in 1991. When the boat they rode slightly drifted away, everything turned hostile.

It was then followed by occasional gift-giving until 1996. From there, natives started to aggressively drive visitors away, causing the program to stop. It was suspected that a foreign illness might have caused the locals to be wary of intruders. They wanted to defend their island, so they do not allow visitors to enter their lands. To preserve the way of life of the Sentinelese, the coastguard has been guarding the area.

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