This Man Has Not Slept for 33 Years, Not Even a Nap!


While many of us cannot stand a day without any sleep, some people can stay up for unbelievable period without taking a nap, even for a couple of minutes.

In Trung Ha Village, Vietnam, a farmer named Thai Ngoc has gained recognition all across the world for being unable to sleep for thirty-three years now. According to reports, he has been awake for over three decades already, without closing his eyes for a second just to get some sleep.


They said it all started in 1973. At that time, Ngoc suffered a severe fever. When he finally recovered, he was unable to close his eyes to sleep, yet he is still alive and kicking.

Health experts say that chronic lack of sleep may significantly affect the health of a person. Aside from destroying a person’s immune system, it sometimes leads to fatal illnesses such as heart attack and diabetes.


Nevertheless, there are severe cases of sleep deprivation, called fatal familial insomnia. A person who is diagnosed of this is unable to sleep even for a second for a couple of months. As a result, he or she dies. Patients suffering this disease usually last six to nine months. At this point, their health is already deteriorating considerably. After which, they die.

Based on this fact, it is quite surprising that the Vietnam native is still healthy and alive.



Doctors analyzed Ngoc’s condition. They found out that he is suffering from a disorder that many insomniacs suffer from, in which their body is unable to differentiate the time when they are awake and asleep.

For instance, an insomniac may fall in and out of sleep without even knowing that he or she has done so. This is because the person has no memory of the sleep and thinks he has not slept at all.

Even if Thai Ngoc claims he has never slept for more than three decades now, experts think he does sleep. But the problem is, he cannot remember anything of the sleep.

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