Man Claims to be a Time Traveler from 2030

Back from the Future: Young Man Claims to Be from the Year 2030


Humankind has always been fascinated with time travel. In fact, there are conspiracy theorists who, for a long time, have been seeking evidence supporting travel! The most iconic footage featuring an alleged time traveler is from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film, The Circus. In the clip, the woman can be seen using a mobile phone, a device that wasn’t invented until the year 1973.

The proof is just one of the many clues that time travel could be happening all around us. Another account, this time coming from a respected air marshal, claimed that a time loop existed around Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sir Robert Goddard was sent to inspect an area known as Drem in 1935. According to his report, his plane ran into trouble, forcing him to land. He expected to find a barren field, but imagine his shock when Goddard saw mechanics in blue overalls and yellow plane models he could hardly recognize. Four years later, the RAF painted their planes yellow and had their mechanics switch to blue overalls. Was this a coincidence or proof of time travel?

Before you voice your opinions, you should check this story out. A young man by the name of “Noah” has gone viral after claiming that he came from the year 2030. In a bid to prove his claims, the time traveler from 2030 agreed to undergo a lie detector test.

Who Is Noah 2030: Time Traveler from 2030 Agrees to Undergo a Lie Detector Test

Noah the time traveler from 2030 is having a hard time convincing the world that he time-traveled from the not-so-distant future.

Maybe, if Noah’s predictions weren’t too bleak, he’d have a wider audience. You see, Noah stated what most people don’t want to hear: Donald Trump will become reelected in 2020. It also looks like he’ll be sitting in office for the next ten years with someone named Ilana Remikee replacing him in 2030.

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Noah also stated that artificial intelligence will reach its full potential in the future. Given that Sophia the Robot was recently granted citizenship, this doesn’t seem so unlikely. Another one of Noah’s grim predictions is that global warming will cause temperatures in the US and Europe to rise.

Mankind is set to make a huge leap by the year 2028 too. Noah shared that in that year, time travel will be offially invented and humans will finally reach Mars.

While sharing his predictions, the YouTube channel ApexTV had the time traveler hooked on the lie detector test. According to the clip, the results showed that Noah was consistently telling the truth.

However, there are critics who noticed that the lie detector isn’t visible to the frame, making it impossible for anyone to tell if the results were doctored or not. You can watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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