10 Crazy and Cool Hairstyles for People Who Want to Make a Bold Fashion Statement


You can’t always expect a great hair day. But, for those who are having a bad day, it’s always best to still have great hair. After all, the hair is any man or woman’s crowning glory.

However, while many are obsessed in keeping their tresses long and beautiful, others think differently. They believe that their manes can become works of art, which they can use in making a statement.

And, this is exactly what these 10 men and women did when they had their hair undergo extreme makeover with these strange hairstyles below.

Head massage, anyone?

Colorful Mohawk Lizard

Gecko Haircut

A Person’s Head on a Person’s Head

For the Love of NBA

Hairy Bear




Reptile Kingdom

Gecko Haircut

In Honor of Robin Williams

A Hairy Story

Tomato Crown

Itsy Bitsy Spider

It must be difficult to take a shower with these manes. But, they must have been worth it for these people who are not afraid to take risks.

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