Top Five bizarre celebrity Memorabilia …Bizarre Barely Describes!

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It is common for paintings, jewelries, and other precious items to go under the hammer at auctions. But, it seems that some collectors are willing to drop fortunes just to get a celebrity memorabilia, such as undergarments, fans, rare photographs, and autographed items.

The status of celebrities is more than enough to keep the auction bids to go high. From a tissue used by Scarlett Johansson to a leftover French toast by Justin Timberlake, there are a lot of items that fans spend thousands of dollars just to obtain. And, whether you believe it or not, there are other celebrity items sold at auctions that really come with exorbitant prices. Find out what these things are below:

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

1. Gold Statue of Kate Moss

Price: $900,000
At Sotheby’s

The most expensive item in this list is the 18-carat gold statue of Kate Moss in a yoga pose. Although the artist that created it was expecting to sell the statue at $15.9 million, it was reportedly sold at the Sotheby’s at a price of $900,000.

Marc Quinn, a famous sculptor, created this piece and sold it to an anonymous buyer on phone from Asia. According to him, Kate didn’t pose for him. It was a yoga expert who posed for him. However, it was based on the accurate size of Kate’s feet, hands, and body. After it was sold, it was then displayed at the British Museum Nereid Gallery, and was positioned next to Greek goddesses like Aphrodite.

2. Marilyn Monroe Chest X-rays

Price: $45,000
At Hollywood Legends auction


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Though it seems like an odd memorabilia, the chest x-rays of Manilyn Monroe were actually sold at $45,000. The x-rays were expected to be sold at around $3,500 to 4,500, but they were eventually sold at a much higher price. The three x-rays were taken in 1954, but were auctioned at Planet Hollywood Resort, Casino in Las Vegas, and Hollywood Legends auction. These items had the married name of the artist, “Marilyn Di Maggio”, because by the time these were taken, she was still married to Joe Di Maggio and the divorce proceedings were still on-going. It was Monroe’s daughter, who put up the chest x-rays on sale.

3. Justin Bieber’s Hair

Price: $40,668
At eBay charity sale

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

When an average individual gets his hair cut, the trimmings are simply thrown away. But, celebrity hair is obviously too expensive to be swept with a broom.

Justin Bieber seem to get the idea from an auction, where Elvis Presley’s hair fetched a good sum of cash. Early this year, the Canadian celebrity sold his hair to eBay for a charity that aims to rehabilitate animals. Though rumors say bidding started at just $6,700, the price actually got around to $40,668.



4. Elvis Presley’s Hair

Price: $18,300
At Leslie Hindman auctioneers

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

Anything associated with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley gets similar attention. So, when his hair that was cut when he joined the army was discovered in 2009, it was immediately put up for auction.

Its expected selling price was only $12,000, but it was bought by a loyal fan at Chicago’s Leslie Hindman auctioneers for a price of $18,300. The clump of hair was then given to Gary Pepper, who was the president of the Tankers Fan Club, to be given away to other Elvis fans. Aside from the hair, there were 200 more items that were auctioned at a fair price. These include dolls, clothes, and a Pez dispenser.

5. John Lennon’s Tooth

Expected Price: $16,000
At Omega Auction house

Top 5 bizarre celebrity memorabilia

A tooth of one of the original members of the band The Beatles, John Lennon, is being sold at the Omega Auction house in New York. The auction house made sure the minimum bid is $16,000 because they expected it to go higher as fans have been spending significant amounts on various celebrity memorabilia.

The tooth had a cavity and is totally pale. That was the reason it was removed by the dentist. The artist then gave the tooth to Dorothy “Dot” Jarlett, his housekeeper who served him for four years starting 1964. For 40 years, the tooth has been in Canada and is still up for sale.


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