Mother Discovers Her Twins Have 2 Different Fathers After DNA Test


Everyone knows what twins are. There are identical twins, where the babies look alike. This occurs when two sperm cells fertilize one egg cell. Fraternal twins occur when two eggs and two sperm cells meet. But have you heard of twins having different fathers? It sounds like something impossible, but there has been a case of bi-paternal twins confirmed in Vietnam.

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To protect their privacy, the husband and wife’s identities have been kept private, and also because it was part of the confidentiality clause with the Genetic Association of Vietnam who carried out the testing in Hanoi.

The story of the twins began when they were born. Medical personal thought that it was a normal case of fraternal twins after the twins were born of the same gender, on the same day, and only a few minutes apart. For two years after their birth, the Vietnamese parents from the Hoa Binh province were questioned why the twins looked different.

This is a photo of the alleged bi-paternal twins that has been circulated on news outlets.


As they grew older, the differences only became more obvious. One child has thin straight hair, the other child has thick wavy hair. One child looked nothing like the father. For two years, the man’s family members pressured him to get a DNA test. They thought that the tests would show the possibility of a hospital mix-up on the day the twins were delivered.


The results were incredibly shocking when they were revealed by Le Dinh Luong, the president of the Genetic Association of Vietnam. He informed the family that the twins had the same mother and different fathers. A case of bi-paternal twins is very rare. This is the first case in Vietnam and only one of a few in the entire world.


Scientists explain that bi-paternal parentage is possible if the woman had more than one sexual partner during her ovulation period and she released more than one egg cell during that cycle. Egg cells can survive for two days while sperm cells survive for 7 to 10 days inside a woman’s body. The Vietnamese mother has not commented on the test results.

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