Wife and ‘Androgyne’ Husband Show Up at Their Wedding Both Wearing Dresses


A couple from Russia came to their wedding dressed as two brides in their wedding dresses in a country that strictly forbids gay and lesbian weddings.

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two brides

The catch, however, is that despite dressing similarly, the two brides is actually a heterosexual pair, with the groom, Dmitry Kozhukhov, crossdressers for the ceremony in Moscow.

two brides

Dmitry, who prefers to be called Alina Davis, describes himself as an androgynous man, someone who does not fit neatly in either gender role. He also claims that despite being more comfortable dressed as a woman, he is still attracted to females. In fact, his bride, known as Alisa, is better known in Russia by her nickname, Alison Brooks.

two brides

The two brides went on with their wedding ceremony despite disapproval and outrage from their registry office, which was horrified at the prospect of both bride and groom turning up for their wedding in dresses.

Alina shared, “In May, we filled in the application in the registry office, and our appearance did not cause any questions at all, which surprised us. But just a couple of weeks before the wedding, they started to call us. When they could not reach us, they called my mother.”

two brides

The concern, she said, is if the pair will arrive in white bridal dresses, which is exactly what they did. Alina went on, “The head of the registry office asked her to instruct us that we should not appear both in dresses, because in Russia, marriage is between a man and a woman and no other way. She threatened that she would not allow us to come in such clothes.”

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